Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Baby (Zoid) is 4 years old!

Where did the time go?  Seriously!

As you know, it's been a busy time for us of late - with Father-in-law critically ill in hospital (he is still, thankfully with us!), Aunty Di staying with us, the launch of my business and the start of the new pre-school year (you can throw in lots of minor-illness and exhaustion here too).  I am seriously shattered.  But thankfully we did all manage to make it through the festivities that was Babyzoid's 4th birthday week (well, a few days from birthday to party day).

The day itself was quite low-key - she went to playschool, taking with her lots of mini-packs of Haribo, of course, for her friends.

She also found time to pose for a quick photo in her gorgeous new outfit from Aunty Linda.

Then she got to open her pressies, wrapped lovingly by yours truly - I really LOVE wrapping pressies!

From Mummy & Daddy
Her haul included a Power Rangers outfit and sword, which got her very excited...

Samurai warrior
...and which she wanted to wear again for her party:

Samurai weapon given way to balloon animal!
It's amazing how the cost of a children's party can spiral out of control, but we made saving where we could - for instance with the party bags, containing a bag of Haribo, a mini Lovehearts packet, a lolly and a finger-skateboard.

I also made the cake myself.  Might not be the most professional looking, but it was made with love and I got lots of very kind compliments.  Apparently it tasted nice too (curse my vegan diet ;))

Spiderman has jaundiced-eyes!
...and inside the cake the sponge was red and blue, which looked fab, even if everyone did end up with blue tongues after eating!

I also had the bestest helpers in my good friends, Pinkwellies and Davina.  As well as Aunty Di who got home from work at 11pm only to stay up half the night making balloon animals - which she'd never done before!

Pinkwellies on Pass the Parcel duty!
Me, overseeing the always-chaotic pass the parcel!
And the bouncy castle went down a storm:

As did Aunty Di's balloon animals (and swords!)

Bestie, Littlebit enjoying some balloon-sword action!
All in all it was a fantastic few days and I'm really glad we gave our growing girl a memorable experience that hopefully she will treasure.  Stressful?  Absolutely!  But definitely worth it.


  1. Happy Birthday Babyzoid!

    It looks like a wonderful party, and I do LOVE the way you wrapped those presents xx

    1. Why, thank you! And yes, she had a wonderful time thank you! x

  2. Sounds like a lot of hard work and effort were put in with great results! You did an amazing job on the cake, I'm very impressed! I always find my own children's birthday parties exhausting but it's worth it to watch them have fun and enjoy their special celebration. xx

    1. Totally exhausting! But like you say, worth it. I've never seen her so excited and she's still talking about it now. :) x

  3. Those presents are AWESOME! How clever are you?

    She looked so cool in her Power Rangers kit :)

    Thank you so much for inviting us, it was a fab party! Fab cake! Fab fun helping!

    And I love that pic of my Littlebit :)

    Much love xxx

    1. Clever, moi? I have my moments ;)

      And you were brilliant! Can't wait to celebrate Littlebit's birthday tomorrow! :D x



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