Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our summer break (break? Ha!)

Where is the summer holiday going?  I simply cannot believe how quickly it has gone.  Soon enough we'll be back to the routine of doing the pre-school run, worrying about the impending arrival of Christmas (sorry).

So what have we been up to?  Well it's been a bit of a mixed bag really.  For the first couple of weeks I worked very hard to make some stock for my new go it alone pet accessories business.  It didn't happen the way it was supposed to, but it has worked out for the best and I am now in charge of my own destiny.  Much better!  But it has been a very busy time and I have felt extremely guilty about having to 'neglect' my daughter a bit while I work.  In the middle of all this my sister has arrived back in the country, back from Amsterdam, and come to stay with us until she gets herself sorted.  It's been great, but it does make me realise how much more space we could really do with!

My Father-in-law was also taken very ill last week and has been in hospital since.  We were worried that he would not make it at first, as he was more poorly than he has ever been (he has terminal cancer).  It's now one step at a time now the doctors have managed to get him strong enough to accept blood transfusions and have procedures he had been too weak for.  We're still very concerned and I'm trying to support my husband, mother-in-law and daughter (she doesn't understand, bless her) as best I can.  I don't feel I'm doing a brilliant job, but unfortunately these things always happen when you have a ten plates already spinning, don't they?

We have managed to have a lovely couple of outings the last week or so though, once my first craft fair was out of the way (relief!).  We went to Bosworth battlefield's anniversary battle recreation day, which was amazing!  Babyzoid absolutely loved the loud cannons and King Richard, he who was recently found under a car park just up the road, and was very pleased to come home with her very own sword and shield:


Team Richard!
Henry Tudor!

Babyzoid the Knight!

We also ran into our good friends Mummypinkwellies and Littlebit.  Babyzoid and Littlebit were delighted as ever to see each other!  I was also really intrigued to see a recreation of the infamous battle, having been hooked on The White Queen from day one.  Indeed I am now going to find myself somewhat bereft on a Sunday evening from now on.  I need my fix of royal scheming and betrayal, damnit (these Windsors are tame and boring in comparison, pah!)

Then yesterday we went on the Hicks Lodge national forest bloggers day, to which we'd been invited (along with Pinkwellies, Erica of A Little Luxury For Me and Jaime of The Olivers Madhouse) by Liz of Me and my shadow, I believe acting in her capacity as a National Forest ambassador. It was a fantastic day and I'll be writing a full review within the next few days.

So yes, lots of ups, downs and roundabouts have characterised our summer break so far.  But one thing's for sure - there's never a dull moment!


  1. A busy time by the sounds of it but nice that you've been able to fit in some fun outings. The Bosworth event sounds great! Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, must be a difficult time for all the family and I hope they are able to do something to improve his situation.
    Look forward to hearing about Hicks Lodge, that must have been a lovely day out. xx

  2. Sounds like a very busy, fun and worrying time. What a mixes bag!I had a summer like that last year when my mam was very ill. I do hope your father-in-law will be more comfortable very soon - you cannot be all things to all people all of the time ;-) Best of luck with your solo now business venture!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Lots of ups and downs - sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law, been there, and it's very hard xx



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