Thursday, 27 June 2013


Green has long been a favourite colour of mine.  I mean, black is naturally my absolute favourite, but green, well, it brings out the happy doesn't it?  Green conjures up fond memories of the relief and excitement of spring following a long, long winter.  It brings to mind gorgeous, and occasionally hot, summer days.  Picnics, frolicking on the grass, trips down the river, followed by an ice cream or two.  Of carefree family fun when all the troubles of the world seem so far away.

I know that years down the line, when we look back on our daughter's childhood, it will be full of green, like in the pictures below.  

Because green is nature, and in the hectic pace of life in this long recession-era, nature is calming and reassuring.  

Green reminds us of what is important.   
Of what we need to preserve.
Green comes into its own and shows us its vibrant beauty under the rays of the all too rare sun.
Green is medicine for the soul.

And green is the perfect backdrop to the happiest of days.

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  1. Green is my favourite colour too :-). Nice to have you back and lovely photos capturing happy times. xx

    1. how could green not be Mummy Zen's favourite colour? :D

      And thank you, regarding the photos and the welcome back xx



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