Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pre-school fun: Train-painting and volcanic eruptions!

As it's now the Easter break I've been looking for things to do with Babyzoid to keep her entertained.  She's at an age where she absolutely loves to be creative and loves to learn, so the world is our oyster in terms of fun age appropriate projects.  What I'd really like to do is get her making doggy collars and bow ties, but I may have to wait a while before I can make use of in-house child labour :)

Before Babyzoid got up (I had the luxury of time - 9am I woke her this morning, lazy monkey!) I set about doing some research, and loved what Jennie from Edspire had just done with her twins.   Babyzoid being equally engine-mad and totally into messy painting would absolutely love painting with engines.  So we had a go:

It's a fantastic learning opportunity for talking about different patterns, movements, line types, and so on - and I'd recommend you read Edspire's post to get the most out of it.  We pretty much just wanted to make as much mess as possible on this occasion.  Hence this:

We did make a couple of pretty cool paintings though, and I especially like this one because of the green, pink and purple colour scheme.  In fact, it looks very wild meadow with the addition of the pink flower-like splodges:

We really got our hands stuck in with this one.  Paint squidged between your fingers feels sooo gooood!

We then walked to town (in the sheet ice - mistake!) and got in more craft supplies.  But first, we couldn't resist having a go at something I found on About.com:

Baking Soda & Vinegar Chemical Volcano

Yes! A Scientific experiment.  Managed to introduce the concept of chemical reactions at the age of 3 (score!).

Have to say that this looks preeeeeetty disgusting (you will KNOW what I mean from the last picture!), but it was such fun and Babyzoid loved it.

We made the dough which would be molded around the plastic bottle to make the volcano from flour (3 cups), salt (1 cup), Water (1.5 cups) and 2 tablespoons of oil.  Plus the food colouring.

Yeah, lookin' good....

Oh dear... I wanted it to be volcano-like, hence the pink-red dye, but wished I'd chosen a different colour once I saw the results *cough*  

We achieved the explosion by filling the bottle nearly full of hot tap water and adding food colouring, washing up liquid, baking powder (bicarb didn't work) and vinegar.  I think more washing detergent might have achieved a foamier result, but it was our first attempt.  More explosions were made by adding more baking powder and more vinegar, until my whole downstairs smelt like a bag of the Green Walkers... but great fun was had by all.

Shame it looked so.... um... well..... :O


  1. I love how every train painting post's pictures show totally different results! (Here's ours: http://play-trains.com/painting-with-trains/) It looks like you both had a great time with it.

    And the volcano shape...it's good the kids don't know any better when it comes to some of these things! :)

    1. Yes, ours definitely look different to yours!!! But it's all good - creativity comes in different forms :)

      And yes, the blessing of innocent eyes!!! Hehe xx

  2. Sounds like you two girls are having a lot of fun with the crafts these days and I'm enjoying reading all about them! We might just have to try the volcano, I think my son would love it. With the cold weather, we are doing more art and crafty stuff than normal so it's great to have more ideas of stuff to try out!

    1. We really are! My daughter is obsessed with crafting at the moment so I'm following her lead. I really like to encourage the experimentation aspect - rather than 'make this' as I think that's important at this age. And there is so much inspiration out there on t'internet - I even have the odd bright idea myself!

      I hope you enjoy it if you do have a go :) xx

  3. Look like fantastic fun! Oh, I remember the days when my boy loved stuff like this. Still does but way too cool for it! Unfortunately it's all xbox now!

    xx Jazzy

    1. Ahhhh! Good old Xbox. Tell me about it! Having said that, I like the odd game myself ;) xx



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