Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Crafts for kids: Flower garlands

My 3 year old has gotten into crafts in a big way.  She absolutely loves painting, sticking, cutting, gluing, scrunching... Anything where she gets to make a bit of a mess making something pretty.  Our time to craft is always when we get home from pre-school - the few hours before Daddy gets home.  It's our time to bond and get creative, and I have to say the sense of pride I feel - both in my daughter and myself (as a previous non-crafter) is immense.

The other day when we were out shopping in our very small town centre (pretty much one long street), we headed for The Works, as we always do, and saw these pretty flower garlands among the Easter section.  And I thought, wouldn't it be fun to make some?  Now the garland in The Works would be a little bit beyond a pre-schooler as it had perfectly crafted stuffed tissue petals.  I myself would have struggled, to be honest!  But the concept of the flower garland was a good one, so I started thinking about how we could recreate it.

We started out by tearing up lots of little squares of pink, yellow and orange tissue paper.  Okay, so we started cutting them with scissors but that soon became a laborious task.  We scrunched the tissue up and set to gluing them onto the circles I had cut out from sugar paper.  We kept running out of tissue bits so we started a production chain where my daughter would do the sticking and I would now take over the tearing and the scrunching.  As a former Business Studies teacher I think it's never too early to start teaching the benefits of assembly line production!

We stuck the scrunched up tissue paper to both sides of the circle to make the discs a little more 3 dimensional and for a first attempt, it didn't look too bad.  

It took us a while but eventually we had 6 flowers ready to be strung.  Eight or ten would have been better, but we ran out of time!

While I readied the string, my daughter decided she would use her wand to magic the flowers into a garland, bless....

And it worked!  

Mummy poked holes through the centre of each flower and fed the string through, then Babyzoid secured the string to the flowers with a little piece of sellotape on each side.

And... voila!  A flower garland that didn't take too long to make.  A very simple project, but my 3 year old daughter thought it was brilliant and was very proud of her achievement and delighted in telling Daddy all about it.

And it makes quite a pretty little Easter decoration, don't you think?

I'd love to hear what crafts have you been doing with your children lately - I'm always on the look-out for inspiration!

Next time, we'll tell you about the Easter basket and eggs we made :)


  1. Love it! Looks really effective and pretty and is perfect for that age! We haven't started on any Easter crafts yet but we usually make Easter cards to send to family members that involve sticking and decorating fun. I too, am always on the lookout for inspiration! x

  2. Aww... that is SO fabulous and the look on her face says it all! Nothing like crafts for kids and you're right, it's never too soon to teach assembly line production!
    My 13 yo always loved crafts and creating things, if only I could drag him away from xbox play....

    xx Jazzy

  3. My eldest used to love crafting when she was smaller and there is still evidence around the house :)



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