Monday, 18 February 2013

Exciting times: A MADS nomination and a new business!

Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a most excellent weekend!

It's been a hectic one in the 'Zoid house as we've tried to take advantage of the suddenly okay weather by getting out of the house lots.  It's been a bit difficult due to what I wrote about in my last post, but I've managed to not be a complete wet blanket, brave soldier that I am.

The weekend started out with some rather unexpected and pleasant news. I've been nominated for a MADS award this year. And not just any award. I've been nominated in the Best Writer category.  Yay! Whoever nominated me (for it was not myself!) I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart.  I never ask for nominations and I'm not a heavy promoter of this blog, so I'm humbled. And not because I think I'm above it *sticks nose in the air and sniffs*, but because;

a) I never think I'm worthy compared to many of the excellent bloggers out there (points for self-deprecation, please)
b) I'm a bit too lazy to promote myself. Err, what I mean is.. too busy! I'm too busy!!! I totally would canvass/network if I had the time and the above (see point a) weren't the case. 
c) I just write because I love writing. I don't have any designs on become a Top 100 blogger or any such gubbins. Too much pressure to KEEEP BLOOGING, EVERY DAY!!!! And we already established I'm too lazy busy for that.

But seriously, I vote every year in only 3 or 4 categories. And Best Writer is totally my favourite category because it is all about the writing, always has been.  Even when I do the odd sponsored post my aim is to make something entertaining out of whatever I've been given to work with.  Whether or not I succeed... (enough with the self-deprecation, already? How very British...)

But that aside, I'm still going to brag. So here is a screen grab. Check this out!

Yay! Thank you, whoever nominated me!
Now to even more exciting news:

I've not mentioned this until now as I'm a bit superstitious.  Well, I'm not. But I've had projects in mind over the past few years, none of which have come to fruition for a variety of reasons - usually biting off more than I can chew.  But now I have a business partner (Carrie, who also happens to be my closest friend) and we are very nearly there! We've been plugging away for several months now but it's about to happen.  'Pawed, our very own dog collars and accessories label.  And naturally we're about to start blogging about it! We're already on:

So come find us pre-launch :)

So I will still be blogging on Beadzoid, at least weekly (plus a Silent Sunday, of course), but Pawed will be my first priority.  Wish us luck and if you've a precious pooch, keep your eye out for an awesome range of funky doggy fashion :D

Coming soon on Beadzoid:


  1. Congratulations and the very best of luck with the new business. Now if I get that dog, I'll know where to go for stuff :) x

    1. Thank you kindly, and yes, please do! For the record I'm dogless at this point in time. Working on the hubby - how can he refuse now? :D x

  2. Wow, exciting times! Big congratulations on your well-deserved nomination and on the new business venture! Very best of luck with both :-). xx

  3. Wow, well done you on both fronts! I feel exactly as you do about blogging and can be very self deprecating. Lovely to get such a fabulous nomination. Great business idea too. I'm the same on that front too! Lots of ideas but NEVER do anything about them I'm too - ahem - busy ;-)

    Best of luck...just gave you an oul' twitter follow :-)

    xx Jazzy

    1. Why thanks, Jazzygal. It's never too late y'know to run with one of those ideas :)

      And yes, as you know by now I've spied you on Twitter. Hooray! xx



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