Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dear daughter

And now...

Dear Babyzoid,

Mummy is in a mushy mood.  Daddy put you to bed tonight because Mummy is in a wee bit of pain with my swollen knee, among other things.  But you've been such a joy since I picked you up from playschool today.  You saw me hobble into the room and you came over and gave me such a huge hug and a big sloppy, wet kiss.  As you nearly always do.  Unless you're overtired and a little bit grumpy and decide that instead you're going to have a strop.  And refuse to leave unless I give you your drink or other random item that is still in your lunch box.  Like, NOW, MUMMY, NOW!!!!!

But usually you are full of love and the joys of the day spent doing crafts or playing with your friends.

"Mummy, I loooooove playschool!" you often say.  And then you ask for a yoghurt, because yoghurts are your favourite thing in the world.  You even said you preferred them to mummy today, but I don't for a minute believe that you meant it.  Unless we're talking the strawberry and vanilla munch bunch ones, then you probably do.  And I don't blame you at all, because they are lush.

Today when we got home you showed me yet again how caring you are.  You've had to put up with a lot over the last few months.  Me getting migraines and injuries, among other things, and you have never made it too difficult on the days where it's been a struggle.  In fact today you said that it was okay to rest my leg after I'd struggled to do the dinner and you came over, stroked my knee and brought me the little toy phone you got free in your Thomas & Friends magazine.  You handed it to me and said "Mummy, you need to call the Doctor about your knee".  You then pretended to be the doctor on a phone consultation before hanging up and giving me my medicine, or 'magic juice' as we say in this house.  But you know that medicine is not always enough, so you ran off and reappeared complete with fairy wand and tiara.  You then cast a spell to make mummy better, just like Holly from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom would do in the same circumstance.

Now you are asleep and there is no playschool for a week and a half.  You have completed your first half-term!  And although I won't get as much achieved next week, I'm really glad because I miss you when you're not here.  And I don't know what I'm going to do when you are even more 'growed up' and go to proper school.

Yours always,


  1. What a lovely read :-). Babyzoid sounds like such a sweet angel. It is funny how they sometimes sense when you're not feeling so great and seem to be extra loving around you. I got that last week when I was really suffering with the flu. My son was offering to bring me things and generally 'looking after me'. xx

    1. Aww, they do seem to sense it don't they? Glad you were likewise looked after and I hope you are recovered from the flu xX

  2. Aww....Baby Beadzoid is simply the cutest, yummiest thing since, well, since, munch bunch yogurts! Such a dote and a caring little person.

    Sorry to hear about your migraines and swollen knee and sorry it's taken so long to come visit your blog again. I'm finally putting you on my blog roll so I can find you easier!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Aww thanks Jazzygal - I think so too!

    And don't be daft, you are not obliged (yet are most welcome)! I will put yours on my blogroll so I too remember to visit more! :D x

  4. Baby Beadzoid is growing up soooo fast! I'm so glad she's enjoyed her first term at playschool. Glad you also have a caring daughter, like MC. She always looks after me when I'm poorly x

    1. They're amazing aren't they? So very blessed :) And yes, growing up soooo fast! x x

  5. She is just soo cute!!loving the green nail polish too- the girl got style!!



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