Monday, 21 January 2013

You are never ever having a boyfriend. Like, ever!

Kids are great and my daughter is a wise old head on cute little 3 year old shoulders.  They always said she had been on this earth before, even before she'd escaped the plastic bubble of the incubator.  Babyzoid showed yet more evidence of this shrewd street-wise sass after a lovely morning spent painting (compensation for being too ill to go out in the snow) followed by a huge Mum vs daughter tickle fight. So I thought I'd share this little nugget with you:

Mummy Beadzoid: Awww you're so cuuuuuuuuute you are never leaving home. You are never going to move out, never going to have a job, and never going to have a boyfriend. You will stay with your mummy forever and ever and ever! What do you say to that?

Cue more giggling and tickling

Babyzoid: Yes I AM going to have a boyfriend, mummy! I am! I am! I am!

Mummy Beadzoid: What? You actually want a boyfriend? Like... who?

Thoughtful silence.

Babyzoid: No, I don't want a boyfriend actually. I want a chocolate bar!

That's ma girl.


  1. I love these kinds of sweet and funny conversations. I keep thinking I'm going to start a little notebook where I write particularly touching or funny things down that my son says, with the view they might be interesting to look back on later down the line :-)

    1. I know what you mean! I decided I needed more of a record as they're so hilarious at this age. I'd hate to forget x

  2. That is SO Babyzoid! Do you know two people have said of Lexie that she's been here before in the last week, how strange!

    1. Yeah it's an odd saying, and it's been periodically said about C right from the off. It's cute though. Means they aren't totally naive - something which should serve them well in life :D x

  3. Hahah, THAT is the correct attitude Babyzoid. Chocolate is so much better than men :) x

  4. I can totally relate to babyzoid there! Xx



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