Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Unwanted Toys for Vulnerable Children

**Please note that the Argos voucher offer has now ended but toys are still needed and can be donated at your local Barnardos store.

Christmas will soon be upon us!  In fact there are only 20 days remaining until the day where the nation's children will come running excitedly down the stairs to see what Santa has left under the tree.

Feel free to panic now.
Panic over?  Good.

As parents we will be racking our brains and searching the Internet and of course the old-school Argos catalogue for inspiration.  Some of you well-organised types may well be ahead of the curve and already have all gifts wrapped and ready to go, as well as have the festive bird on order with your local butcher.

Well that ain't me.  I need to get thinking and I need to do it fast.  I also really need to be clearing some of my daughter's old toys away so that there will be room for the new ones.  Which is why I was quite excited to hear about the Argos/Barnardos partnership whereby old toys can be donated at a local Argos store and passed on to the children's charity to help raise money for vulnerable children.  As a thank you Argos will then give a £5 voucher for use when spending £35 or more in store.

Please look at 'The Story of Toys' infographic below for more information.

*I have not been paid, nor received any form of remuneration for this article

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  1. Great initiative, thanks for sharing! I will tell my friends, seems like people are always looking for a good way to get rid of old toys to make room for the new around this time of year, so this is a really good way to do that. x



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